Greenwoods Synergy Essential Oil
Greenwoods Synergy Essential OilGreenwoods Synergy Essential OilGreenwoods Synergy Essential OilGreenwoods Synergy Essential OilGreenwoods Synergy Essential OilGreenwoods Synergy Essential Oil

Greenwoods Blend Essential Oil

Freshen & Purify Any Space

100% Pure & Natural

Chemicals & Drugs Free



product properties

ingredient & Origins

Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis)—— Italy 

Palmarosa(Cymbopogon martinii)—— India

Tea Tree(Melaleuca alternifolia)—— Australia

Cajeput(Melaleuca leucadendron)—— Indonesia

Aroma: Fresh and natural essence

Top Note: Palmarosa, Sweet Orange 

Middle Note: Melaleuca, Tea tree

Aroma strength : ★★★

The strength of air purification:★★★★★ 

Product Features

  • An intense deodorant action that helps combat and get rid of odors from multiple familiar sources such as smoke, pets, or mold growing in areas around the house. 
  • A useful disinfectant ability that ensures you can utilize the product in effectively killing germs present in the air and also in cleaning actions. 
  • The sweet smell can infuse a soothing feeling into you, providing an emotional boost to you by helping you to declutter your mind and get a positive outlook. 

Safety and shelf life

safety & warnings

  • Do not use undiluted on the skin. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. 
  • Do not use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying topically. 
  • Do not use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or physician. Avoid use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

shelf life

  • 2 Years ( Unopened And Keeping Them Refrigerated Or In A Cool, Dry Location Away From Sunlight)

customer reviews


Q: Can this be used to purify the insides of my car?

The product is indicated for versatile uses and freshening the cabin of your car is one of them. The product can be appropriately mixed with distilled water and then gently sprayed in the cabin space of your vehicle. Alternatively, or also, you apply some drops to a cotton boll and place them strategically under the seats. The oil smell tends to last a bit when used to cotton bolls and is valuable in neutralizing the odor in car cabins.

Q: In diffusing these oils, there would be a significantly lesser amount of drops, can you estimate what those would be, please? Thank you.

When using a diffuser blend over a large area, we advise the usage of around ten drops. Feel free though to play around with the blending ratios.

Q: In what bottle sizes does the essential oil come?

The essential oil comes in the 10ml bottle size.

Q: Can I utilize the product for laundry purposes?

Of course! Add a few drops into the laundry detergent to serve as a disinfectant. Alternatively, you can utilize it in disinfecting the household articles such as tableware, towels, toys, etc 

Q: How long will it take my order to be processed?

We take only a little time to process, and can complete processing most orders, then shipped within 24 hours after they are made, except on weekdays and festivals.

Ingredients and functions

Purifies the air everywhere it's applied

Quickly & Effectively 

Deodorizes Shoes

Palmarosa & Tea Tree

Quickly kill viruses

and bacteria in the air

Palmarosa comes replete with geraniol and geranyl sulfate which have anti-fungal properties, improve resistance to bacteria, and reduce inflammation.

Tea Tree , rich in terpinene-4-oil, tea tree has an effective wide-ranging on the three major classes of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses)

Sweet Orange & Cajeput

Improve the respiratory system Improve immune infection

Sweet Orange Contains limonene, a good disinfectant, and preservative that boosts the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. 

Cajeput enhances the function of the respiratory system and boosts resistance to immune infection. The main component of Cajeput is 1,8-eucalyptol, a-terpineol that increases resistance to microorganisms and enhances the immunity of the respiratory system.

Greenwoods Synergy

Essential Oil

  • 100% pure and naturally formulated

  • Instantly effective in refreshing and purifying

    the air

  • Quick anti-viral and bactericidal action in

    the air

  • Boosts your spirits and infuses serenity

    into your being.

How to use

Easily To Make Most all-natural cleaning Methods

100% Natural Clean Formulas

With No Toxic Chemicals

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